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Citizens' Bank provides enhanced security controls over account activities when using Online Banking such as a layered security approach which uses different controls at different points of a transaction so weakness in one control can be compensated for by the strength of another control as well as multi layered security in the authentication process.  Some of the security features employed within Online Banking for our customers are as follows:

  • Fraud detection and monitoring systems which consider customer history and enable a timely and effective response.
  • Internal control of administrative functions including enhance controls for system administrators who set up or change system configurations.
  • Enhanced control over account maintenance activities performed by customers or through customer service channels.
  • Processes internally designed to detect and respond to suspicious activity related to initial login and initiation of electronic transactions.
  • Multifactor authentication for transaction approvals for ACH, wires and external account transfers.
  • Transaction related security alerts via email and/or SMS when:
           ♦ A security related change is made (passcode, email address, phone(s),security questions/answers)
           ♦ Online Transfer is processed (Onus)
           ♦ External Transfer is processed
           ♦ ACH batch approval
           ♦ Receiver for ACH origination added/modified
           ♦ Wire Transfer Approved
           ♦ Beneficiary for wire transfer added/modified
           ♦ New payee bill payment alert
  • Dual control for commercial activity (ACH origination, wire transfers) and Sub-User administration.
  • Security Token PIN for commercial activity (ACH origination, wire transfers).
  • Out-of band verification for transactions via email.
  • Dollar limits are set for External Transfers, ACH origination and Wire Transfer Requests.
  • Offer user initiated Notify-Me Alerts.
  • Reminders to users every 120 days to change password and update security questions semi-annually.

For more security information and to learn how you can further protect yourself online please click here.

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